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adult-delux-pinhead-hellraiser-costumeThere will only be some of you who are old enough to remember the first Hellraiser movie, it was released back in the year 1987. It’s plot centered around an evil race of beings known as the Cenobites, a race who’s passion was pain and sadomasochim. Overall, there were 8 Hellraiser films made and the first made has now being placed onto the list of the top 100 scariest films of all time. Now that’s reason enough to dress as one of the Cenobites this Halloween, surely?

If you look at a lot of the horror costumes offered by the outlet, you will probably agree that this one has to be one of the freakiest! If you arrive looking like Pinhead this Halloween then you can be sure that people will stop and stare … food good reasons only!!

The costume you see in the image to the left is an adult Deluxe Pinhead costume and it really does look horrific, which is fantastic for Halloween! The adult costume gives an almost exact replica of the 1980’s sadistic Cenobite known as Pinhead. And he’s all ready to take control over the living beings of the planet.

This Cenobite costume is extremely good quality for the amount of money it actually costs, you can expect nothing but the best when you receive your order. Overall, it has everything you will need to make you look like a real Cenobite. It comes complete with the chilling head mask of Pinhead himself, enough to send chills down anyones spine. The mask is white in color and has authentic looking pins sticking out all the way around, the pins are made from rubber so there will be no “real” damage. The full length black Cenobite cloak is well finished off with the four finger and thumb gloves.

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You can buy this particular costume right now in a range of adult sizes including (M), (S) and (L). See it for yourself now.

kids-pinhead-hellraiser-costumeThis Halloween it’s not just you that can look really scary, how about dressing your kids up as the most scary Cenobite of them all, that will really impress their mates!. The kids Pinhead costume is just as good as the adult costume, just a little smaller in size. The child costume is a little less freaky than the adult costume, but the you don’t want your kids scaring their mates too much.

Your little lad can look just like that tiranous evil ruler of the Cenobite race in this excellent quality kids Pinhead costume. Starting from the top this kids costume comes with the white, scary looking Pinhead mask which has the pins pertruding from it at 360 degrees. There’s no need to worry though because they are made from plastic so no one will get hurt. The black cloak to this costume looks just like the adult one, with the attached chest piece and long black material it looks simply evil.

This child outfit comes in all popular childrens sizes so you can be sure you won’t be disappointed this Halloween. See it yourself now!

plus-size-adult-pinhead-hellraiser-costumeIf you’re of a slightly larger stature and you’re looking for a plus size Pinhead costume then the costume shown to the left is a costume perfect for the larger person, it has all of the quality offered by the  Deluxe adult Pinhead costume except you get it in a slightly larger size.

As with the adult Pinhead costume, this costume comes with the Trademark scary white Pinhead mask complete with plastic pins sticking from the head. The large long black cloak is made from quality material and will look great with a plain black pair of your best shoes underneath. The open chest peice fitted to the front of the cloak finsihes it off very well.

This adult plus sizesd halloween costume will surely achieve the effect you are going for.


Many people like to make their own costumes around Halloween and there is nothing wrong with that, the only problem is that it will tend to take you a bit of time as well as more effort and often more money. With a Pinhead Hellraiser mask you have the best of both worlds, you can buy a Pinhead mask and then put the rest of the costume together for yourself. The mask would be the hardest, most time cosuming and most expensive part of the costume to create and so for $20-40 you may as well buy the mask just so you look perfectly dressed to impress this Halloween.

This quality made Hellraiser Pinhead mask fits all around the head and looks truly evil with the pins sticking out from all angles.

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The History Of Hellraiser’s Pinhead

The Hellraiser movie collection now consists of 8 movies altogether, the first few were more successfuly than the last. Pinhead makes several appearances throughout the movies but not all eight, he only appears properly in 4 of the 8 movies:

Hellraiser 1 – The first movie is where Pinhead makes his first appearance as the leader of the Cenobites, a once human race killed and converted into a Cenobite army by Pinhead.

Hellraiser II (Hellbound) – In the second film the viewer learns that the Cenobite race were once good and human, they were in fact religious people and part of the Leviathan. But upon being killed by previous Cenobites they loose all memory of their previous Human lives and become pure evil sent from Hell to reak havock and sadomasacistic destruction.

Hellraiser III (Hell On Earth) – The third movie sees both sides of Pinhead, the human and the Cenobite version of himself. Pinhead tries to destory the Lamet Configuration (puzzle box) but is prevented doing so by his Human counterpart. They both re-merge and return to hell as one.

Hellraiser IV (Hellraiser Bloodline) – This is Pinhead’s final major appearance in the movie series and after this installment he only makes minor appearances in all future films. Bloodline sees Pinhead trying to force a living relative of the creator of the puzzle box to create an un-sealable portal to Hell but is prevented in his tracks. Eventually Paul Merchant, who is another relative/decendant of the Lament creator and he seals Pinhead inside a new Configuration known as the Elysium Configuration.